About Us

Best-One is your reliable partner and one-stop serving house to give your products a special touch with cutting-edge food technology & science-backed Ingredients recommending authentic healthy & balanced recipes.

✅ Seasonings, Ingredients, Additives, Casings, Cultures & Rennet Supply
✅ Recipes Recommendations
✅ Products Developments
✅ Existing Products Improvements
✅ Costs Customizations & Tailoring
✅ R&D, Real Time Trials & Training
✅ Foreign Food Technologists Supports
✅ Food Machinery, Attachments & Accessory Supports

What & Whom We Serve:

✅ Further Meat/Fish/Veggie Process: Seasonings, Compound, Premixes, Additives, Stabilizers, Emulsifier, Color, Flavor, Preservatives, Bio-Chemical products, Meat Replacers, Meat Enhancers and many more.
✅ Dairy: Starter Cultures, Yakult Culture, Probiotics Cultures, Lysozyme, Catalase, Lactase, Lamb esterase, Goat lipase, Animal Rennet, Vegetal Rennet, Chymosin, Microbial Rennet, Natural dairy color etc.
✅ Bakery: All types of Breads Mixes, Sourdough Mixes, Cake Mixes & Compounds, Pan Releasing Agent, Cream Compounds, Molds & many more
✅ Sauces: Complete Premixes & Compounds, 100% Pure Dehydrated Tomato Powder 22 folds, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Colors, Flavors & Preservatives etc.
✅ Snacks & Extrusions: Sprinkle Complete Chips & Snacks Seasonings etc.
✅ All Casings Solutions: Cellulose, Fibrous, Polyamide, Collagen, Natural Salted, Smoke/Caramel Coated Fibrous and Vegan Casing etc.
✅ Food Productions Machinery & accessories: Meat Further Processing Lines & Equipment, Ventless Deep Fryer, Bakery Lines, Production Equipment, Hygiene Equipment, Packing Machinery and many more.

Syadul Alam Ravi

Syadul Alam Ravi

Founder & CEO

Experienced Consultant with a wide demonstrated history as an expertise on developments to Meat & Fish Further Processed Products and Operating Best-One a renowned Distribution House supplying all unique Seasonings, unique Functional Ingredients, Bakery Ingredients, Dip & Culinary Sauces Concentrates, Dairy Cultures & Rennet and Sausage Casings etc. He is also quite expert to recommend Meat Further Processing Lines and different Production Equipment.

Best-One has been representing number of EU Food Ingredients Manufacturers as Sole Distributors in Bangladesh as follows:

  • Lay Gewurze GmbH
  • Abel+Schafer KOMPLET GmbH
  • SACCO System
  • Viskase Inc.
  • Kalle Nalo GmbH
  • Fibran edicas
  • BDF Natural Ingredients